When the next generation of smartwatch faces comes to market, it won’t just be Google’s next-gen Android Wear watches – it will also be Apple’s next wave of smartwatches

Google is already on the ground, working on a smartwatch based on its Android Wear operating system.

But it’s not just any old watch, it’s a fully-fledged Android Wear smartwatch.

It will be an affordable and powerful alternative to Apple’s current and next-generation smartwears, all based on Android, which is the software underpinning Apple’s iPhones and iPads.

There are no hardware restrictions on how it works, which means you can install it on a smartphone and use it to perform tasks like checking your email, checking Facebook and more.

Google will sell it to retailers and developers at launch, which should happen in the second half of this year, though Google has not revealed exactly when.

Android Wear is still just a Google project, but it’s the first Android Wear device to go on sale.

That means that unlike the Android smartphones and tablets that dominate the market, Android Wear phones and tablets will only be available to users of the Google Play Store, which also includes the Apple App Store.

Google Play is a central location for many Android apps, including Google’s own Google Assistant, but there are still many other places to download them.

And unlike most other smartwares, Android watches don’t have a single interface.

Instead, you’ll get a large number of different watch faces.

One of those is a new “Android Wear watch face”, a new version of the Android Wear app called “Android Smartwatch” that was first announced by Google earlier this year.

The Android Wear watchface is a collection of hundreds of different Android Wear apps that are all designed to work with the watch, and are designed to make the watch experience easier.

It has a lot of similarities to Apple Watch faces, but because the watch is so big, it can also be very easy to get lost in the app interface.

The app’s main interface has a grid of different screens, which will appear on the watch at different times of day, which makes navigation very easy.

There’s a small menu on the left side of the screen, which can be used to navigate through the app’s various options.

To the right of the watch face, there’s a list of icons for the various watchfaces.

You’ll find “My watch”, “Favorite watch”, and “My apps”, which are all home screens for each watchface.

It also has a few more options for customisation, including a section for the watch’s battery level.

The “Favorite” section is where you can get a detailed list of the watches most frequently used apps and watchfaces, and you can also view your favorite watch faces at a glance.

“Favorite watches” is where it gets really interesting.

The watchface section has a section that’s sort of like a gallery for watches that you have, where you’ll find the apps and watches you most commonly use, as well as your favorites.

This is where Google is letting you get a feel for what Android Wear has to offer, so you can see how you’re likely to use the watches in the future.

You can swipe to the left of the phone to get to the settings screen for each app.

You then swipe right to bring up the app.

From there, you can go to the watchface settings and turn on notifications and the “Favorite smartwatch” section.

If you have a lot to say, you might want to turn on “Always watch the time” to show notifications when you’re at a particular time.

You might also want to select the watchfaces that you use most often.

“Android watch face” is not the only new Android Wear design to make its way into the Google Store, either.

The new “Google Watch” watchface also appears to have a section dedicated to Android Wear-specific features.

For example, “Android Watch face” has a small section that shows a “Favorite Android watch” section where you will find various watch faces, as described above.

Other “Android smartwatch features” like “Android App for Watch” and “Android Phone for Watch”, which appear to be Android Wear specific, are also there.

There is also a section on “Android phone for watch” that is for devices that support Android Wear.

The Google Watch faces have a number of other design tweaks that will allow users to customize them, but the main design difference is that they are all black.

The black background also lets users pick out different Android wear apps in the background.

For the most part, the watch faces are designed for people who don’t use Android Wear regularly, but they do have a few useful features that users who do should take note of.

They include an app drawer with a few watch faces to choose from, as the list above shows.

The first watchface you’ll notice on the device is the “Google Smartwatch”. It