How to tell if you have PTSD? Here are some tips

More than 100 Canadian veterans and their families have filed a lawsuit against a Nova Scotia-based therapy provider that claims it can help veterans recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The suit alleges that “patients and their caregivers” have been left to suffer from a host of mental health issues after being “treated” for traumatic brain injury.

The lawsuit claims that a group of Canadian veterans was told the service provided by the firm, Global Health Service, is a “psychotherapy service for military veterans and the families of veterans.”

The suit claims the service was unable to prove it is a licensed mental health professional and was unable even to provide a list of trained professionals who can provide the services.

It alleges Global Health Services also fails to disclose that it is not licensed in the province of Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia Ministry of Veterans Affairs said it is investigating the claims.

The Globe And Chat, a national news outlet, has reported on similar lawsuits in recent years.

A spokesperson for Global Health said the company has no further comment on the matter.

When to ask for help from your local community to solve a medical problem

Posted March 15, 2018 10:13:00 The next time you’re having a difficult time getting around town or feeling overwhelmed, it might be worth taking a look at how your local communities are tackling medical problems.

With more than 400 million Americans over the age of 65, the US has the highest number of people in the country with chronic conditions, with an estimated 18 million of them living with the condition.

Many of these people are the elderly, but there’s also a growing group of people under the age in need of help, according to a report from the National Center for Health Statistics.

That’s especially true for people over the ages of 65 who are often the first to need help, said Mark Pomeranz, director of the Johns Hopkins Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Policy at Johns Hopkins University.

“The more that we get people who are older and who are experiencing chronic illnesses, the more likely they are to need support,” he said.

People over 65 are also more likely to have chronic health conditions such as asthma and chronic pain than the general population, Pomeranes said.

While a healthy lifestyle is important for everyone, people over 65 may need more support if they have chronic illnesses and they are struggling to pay for care, he said, especially for people who have health insurance.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your health or have questions about your health, ask around.

Pomerans suggested calling your local health department to make sure that they have a referral number for you.

Also, ask for a referral from a community resource center or other community service organization.

Picking up on this information will give you a heads-up on the types of help that might be available.

For example, Potholes can be an important factor in finding the right help, Pomperes said.

“People who are getting potholes on their roads and sidewalks may need additional help and will likely be able to get assistance through the local community health center or local law enforcement agency,” he wrote in an email.

A community resource or community service group can also help you identify the resources and resources that can help you get to the right place and the right person, Pominanz said.

Ask if there are programs or activities you can take part in that may be helpful.

If there are community centers in your area, there may be programs that you can participate in, such as a walk to get out and about, Poms said.

If that doesn’t work, a referral may be a good idea, he added.

Pomperanz also mentioned finding out what the community is doing to provide help, especially if you are getting help from a health professional.

“There are a lot of things that people who may not have the means to pay the cost of a health plan or medical care, may need to do to make their lives better,” he added, citing job search and education as key reasons people may need help.

Pomeres added that if you feel like you need more help than you can afford, call a health insurance company or a health care provider.

“You may need extra help or services, and the reason you need those things is to get the best care,” he suggested.

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