Telus to open new Vancouver office with new technology partners

Telus is opening a new Vancouver location in 2020 with a new team of partners who will be responsible for working with the company’s IoT solutions to deliver more affordable mobile services and cloud computing solutions for the region.

The new Vancouver site is part of a global expansion Telus has announced that includes the opening of a new data centre in the city, a new headquarters in Seattle and expansion into the suburbs.

Telus also announced that it has acquired two major Canadian wireless carriers, Rogers Communications and Bell, which will combine to form a new wireless carrier in the region in 2019.

“Telus is pleased to announce that we have secured a partnership with two of the nation’s largest wireless carriers to form the new company called Telus Communications Inc. This means that we will now have the opportunity to work with partners like Rogers Communications, which is known for its innovative mobile solutions, to deliver better mobile and cloud services in our regions, and Bell that offers high-speed broadband and video services to our communities,” said Telus CEO Mike White.

“With this new network, we will be able to offer customers a wider range of services, including video, wireless, voice, and Internet.”

The new Bell partnership will be the first with a Canadian wireless carrier, but Telus said that the Bell partnership is “designed to bring our customers and partners together across a variety of wireless technologies including Wi-Fi, 4G LTE, and 4G HSPA+”.

“We are proud to be able provide our customers with the best wireless solutions, and we look forward to continuing to work closely with the partners to deliver the best services for our customers in Canada,” said White.

Telis announced in December that it had acquired Rogers Communications for $9.5 billion.

It was a major move for Telus, which has been struggling to compete in the Canadian market.