How to stop the Trump administration from ending the Iran nuclear deal and ending the sanctions regime

The Trump administration is expected to unveil its next nuclear deal with Iran next week, and the Iran-related sanctions regime it is expected have been suspended for the past several months, according to the head of the United States’ leading foreign policy think tank.

Speaking to a group of Iranian diplomats on Thursday, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Jabari Zanganeh said that Iran is willing to reopen the sanctions in order to prevent the United Nations Security Council from lifting them in December.

“The sanctions have been lifted for six months,” Zanganaid said.

“I would say that we would like to see the council lift its sanctions on Iran.”

Zangane, who was previously the top foreign policy adviser to Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, also suggested that the United State could continue to pressure Iran in an effort to get it to reverse the sanctions that were imposed on the Islamic Republic for its nuclear program.

“If the sanctions are lifted, there is no reason for Iran not to reverse them,” Zange said.

“And if they are not lifted, then it would be very difficult for Iran to keep the sanctions on.”ZANGANAN: If Iran was willing to lift the sanctions, the sanctions should be lifted in December, he said.

And if it is not, then we will be forced to re-establish sanctions.

It is also clear that Iran has not changed its position.

It was not clear when the sanctions were lifted.

There are also concerns that the Iranian leadership has not responded to the sanctions pressure.

The sanctions have also been lifted.

We have not heard from the Iranians, he added.

On Wednesday, Zangani said that “the sanctions are still there” and that they were not lifted in the last six months.

Zanganani also said that it was clear that the sanctions had been lifted because “the U.S. and its allies, particularly the United Kingdom, did not recognize the legitimacy of the Islamic republic.”

Zange also said there is a lot of frustration with Iran’s leaders because the sanctions have not been lifted and that “people are very angry.”

He also said the U.N. Security Council has not been able to lift sanctions, which are not based on international law.

“This has been a real crisis of confidence and confidence in Iran, which is not the way things should be,” he said, noting that it is important to understand that the U:S.

is trying to do what it says, which would mean that they are undermining the U.:S.

commitment to the international community.