When is your phone a digital solution?

Digital solutions companies and businesses are starting to see a new wave of digital business models that allow them to create and manage cloud solutions and other applications on a physical computer, said Mark Jurewicz, chief executive officer of digital solutions partner SAP Solutions.

Jurewicze said that for businesses that are already deploying digital solutions, it is important for them to consider their business model as digital as possible.

They need to think about their future, Jurewichz said.

For example, the digital business model may mean that they will focus on physical sales rather than digital marketing, he said.

In this way, it may be more challenging for companies to move beyond the traditional model of selling to the retail market and moving to the digital side of things, said Jureicz.

Digital solutions also allow them the flexibility to focus on certain customers, such as those with limited time or who require specialized skills, he added.