Which companies are investing in the next big tech company?

The following companies are actively exploring new tech investments that could impact the next wave of tech startups in the US.1.


It already owns an online retail site, Amazon.amazon.com, and it has raised money to build its own cloud-computing infrastructure.2.


It has raised a record $100 billion in Series A funding to fund its ambitious moonshot to build a network of self-driving cars.3.


Facebook is betting big on machine learning, and Google has pledged to spend billions on its artificial intelligence research and its machine learning platform.4.


It’s betting big too, and has raised $2 billion from a $20 billion round led by Qualcomm Ventures, which also is backing the Google AI project.5.


SalesForce is also exploring a machine learning strategy, with Microsoft’s Watson for Business, IBM Watson for Big Data, and SAP HANA being the latest to join the fray.6.


The ride-hailing company has raised about $2.5 billion in venture capital since launching its UberX service in late 2017, and the company is working on machine-learning and other data analytics to automate driving.7.


The software giant is also looking at how it can use machine learning to help it build its Watson artificial intelligence platform.8.


The chip maker is working to use machine-learn techniques to make its chips more energy efficient, which could help it compete with the likes of Apple.9.


The search giant has been investing in AI and machine learning technologies for years, and its recently announced Google DeepMind AI team has been working with a number of startups to build machine learning algorithms.10.

Microsoft Corp. The PC maker has invested in companies that build AI and deep learning technologies, and is also working with startups on its AI and AI solutions.11.

Facebook, Inc. The social media giant has invested billions of dollars in machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies, including in its own AI and data science efforts.12.

Microsoft’s Azure.

The cloud-based computing platform has been in development for years and is already used by companies like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.13.

Microsoft Research.

Microsoft is also investing in machine-language analytics and machine-to-machine communication technologies, but that’s a bit of a mixed bag.

Microsoft recently launched a new artificial intelligence and machine intelligence research lab at Google’s headquarters.14.


Netflix has also been building a machine-intelligence toolkit, including its Deep Web.15.


Salesries has been developing machine learning tools, and recently launched its Azure Machine Learning Lab.16.

Tesla Motors.

Tesla has also built a machine intelligence and AI lab, and in 2018 it announced its own “Data Science Lab” and has been testing out its AI technology in a number other companies.17.


Oracle is also building its own machine-vision toolkit and has partnered with a few startups to create machine learning applications, including Google Brain.18.


SAP has also started working on its own deep learning research lab, which it is launching this year.19.

Amazon Web Services.

Amazon has also partnered with Google on deep learning and machine vision, and earlier this year announced that its own Machine Learning lab is also using machine learning techniques.20.

Netflix Inc. Netflix is also testing its own neural network software on a machine, which is also the subject of research at Google Brain, and Amazon has been partnering with other companies to build AI-powered content for its streaming service.21.

Apple Inc. Apple has also invested in AI research in the past, and that has led to a number research projects at Google, including a machine vision toolkit developed by Apple’s DeepMind lab.22.

SAP Hana.

SAP is also developing its own Deep Learning and Machine Learning software for its Cloud computing platform, and also has a research lab for AI.23.

Facebook Inc. Facebook has also recently started working with Google’s AI and Machine Vision lab to develop machine learning programs for its Messenger messaging app, and Microsoft recently announced its AI research lab.24.

IBM Watson.

IBM has also teamed up with a bunch of startups, including Amazon’s Watson and Facebook’s AI research labs, and now has a new AI-focused data analytics lab.25.

Uber Technologies.

Uber has also announced that it is testing its machine-machine learning software on Uber cars, which has also led to some deep learning projects in the company.26.


Apple is also a big player in machine vision and machine translation, but it’s still experimenting with its own programs to do so.27.


Tesla is also trying to build out a deep learning machine learning lab, but is working with Alphabet to develop AI software for the automaker’s self-balancing Autopilot system.28.

Cisco Systems.

Cisco has also created a machine language toolkit for its networking platform called