Power company,partnerships partner to solve energy issues

Partnering solutions provider Energi Power Solutions is partnering with a new energy firm to tackle energy and sustainability challenges.

The move by Energy Power Solutions (EPWS) is aimed at helping companies to reduce the amount of energy they use, which can have an impact on energy-related carbon emissions and emissions of greenhouse gases, the Energy Secretary, Amber Rudd, has said.

EPWS’s partner will be the new partner in the Energy and Climate Partnership (ECP), which aims to develop “sustainable energy solutions” that reduce emissions and improve the climate.

Energy Secretary Amber Rudd said Energys partner was an example of a company that could lead the way to sustainable energy solutions for the energy sector.

“EPWS has a strong track record of tackling energy challenges through collaboration and innovation.

Its collaboration with the ECP is a step towards a future where Energas can be a leader in the energy industry,” she said. 

Energy Secretary’s office says the EHP will be in place by 2019The EHP is set to start work in early 2019, with a goal to create a national, long-term, strategic partnership between Energeys and EPWS, the Department of Energy and the Environment (DECE) said.

The partnership, which will be known as EHP, will see Energs partner create a “national and long-lasting energy and climate strategy”, and provide support for EPWS to develop solutions to address energy- and climate-related issues.

ECP, which is the Government’s national energy adviser, is working on a “sustainability blueprint” for the UK.

It will be a national strategy, and it will be supported by a partnership of energy companies, energy providers, universities, industry bodies and civil society groups, it said.

It said the EWP will be an important partner to the EMP, which already provides advice to DECE and other government agencies, to help the organisation “identify, assess and develop a comprehensive strategy for the future of energy”.

“It will help Energexes mission to develop a national energy strategy that supports our citizens to take more control of their energy, reduce their emissions and ensure that the environment is protected,” it said in a statement.

“The partnership with Energie Power Solutions will help ensure that this national energy policy is put into practice in the future.” 

ECP’s mission The ECP said the new partnership would be focused on “the delivery of high-quality, high-value energy solutions to the energy market” as part of the government’s “long-term strategy for a secure and sustainable energy future”.

The department added that EHP would be part of a team of energy experts and will “work with energy suppliers to develop innovative solutions to addressing the key challenges facing the UK’s energy sector”. 

ECW’s mission “This strategic partnership will see EPWS partner create and deliver a national and long term energy and carbon strategy that will build on Energetic’s long-standing energy expertise and experience in this area, with the ambition of creating a national strategic plan for the generation, transmission and distribution of high quality, high value energy solutions and reducing emissions,” the EEW said.

“This will support the implementation of a long-range energy strategy to support the UK as we build on the success of the Energies success in this regard.” 

EPWS partner said it would be working with the DECE to ensure it could help develop “a national and strong energy strategy” for UK energy sourceThe Energy Secretary said the company was “delighted to be working alongside DECE” on the partnership.”EPW is proud to work with DECE as a partner in this partnership and we are pleased to work alongside them in their ambition to make our energy systems more sustainable and secure,” the company said in an email to TechRadars.

Energi is owned by Chinese energy company CITIC Group.

It is the largest supplier of power generation and transmission in China. 

EPW and CITC are the largest Chinese electricity suppliers, with about 70 per cent of the market in the UK, according to the Energy Information Agency.

According to the Independent Energy Association, in 2017, China was responsible for 10 per cent of UK electricity consumption, while in 2016 it accounted for 18 per cent. 

ECWP said it was “excited” to be a part of this new partnership.

As well as tackling energy- related CO2 emissions, the company is working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation.

A spokesperson said: “Energie has been working with DECA and EWP for over 15 years to develop and deliver solutions to tackle the energy and environmental challenges of the UK energy sector, and the partnership with EPWS is a big step towards achieving these goals.” 

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