How to get the most from Motorola Solutions for Loyalty Partnerships

Share this article Share In a bid to boost loyalty in the enterprise, Motorola Solutions is offering new loyalty programs to partners.

The company has created three loyalty partners program that it says it will use to help businesses increase their engagement with their customers.

The first of these is the Motorola Business Connected, which allows customers to make purchases using a mobile device connected to the Moto 360 camera.

To unlock the feature, you need to add a new Moto 360 device to the Business ConnectED device list.

Once you have done so, you can set up a personal Moto 360 account for up to six people, allowing them to use the device and receive notifications and offers from the company.

The second loyalty partner program is the Moto Partner Connected.

Motorola Solutions offers a free trial of Moto Partner to a limited number of partners and allows customers with existing Moto 360 devices to opt in for the program.

To do so, customers can download the Moto partner app from Google Play and sign in with their Moto 360.

The Moto Partner app also allows them to set up and configure the Moto360 camera.

The third loyalty partner is the new Moto Flex, which offers a $50 per month plan to a group of up to 15 partners.

Once you have added the Moto Flex to the group, you get access to Moto 360’s mobile camera and video capabilities and access to other Motorola solutions.

In the past, Motorola had been working with partners on the Moto Maker platform, which allowed partners to build their own devices with the company’s mobile platform.

But the platform is now closed to new partners, meaning Motorola is now offering the Moto X, Moto X Force, Moto 360 Plus, and Moto 360 Max.

The Moto X Max is expected to launch later this year, but the Moto Max X and Moto X Play will also launch in the near future.

The other two new loyalty partners will be available for use with partners through a partnership with Google, Motorola, and Google Drive.

To find out more about these two new partnerships, check out the below link.

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