Google, IBM to Partner on ‘Partners Solution Barrie’

Microsoft and Google have joined forces to create an online marketplace for enterprise solutions, according to a document posted on GitHub.

IBM and Google are each expected to invest $50 million to create the business.

“Partners solution barrie” is a platform that will allow customers to order products, create and manage a custom product, and then sell them through a network of partners, which can include Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon.

The idea is to allow customers, and their partners, to sell more products to the wider world.

“Google has been a strong supporter of open source, and the partnership will help accelerate the open source movement and help the world’s biggest companies create more affordable and sustainable products,” wrote Brian Schmidt, vice president of product management at Google, in a post on the project.

Schmidt said the partnership would allow IBM and the rest of the companies that make the Google search engine to make products for customers, which he said could reduce shipping costs and improve efficiency.

IBM’s Watson, for example, is being used in many products.

“The goal of Partners solution barry is to enable more consumers to buy and use the same services in a more cost-efficient way than ever before,” Schmidt said.

The project is in its infancy.

Google and IBM are both part of the Watson Group, which includes Microsoft and IBM.

Microsoft has already created an online shop for products, called the Watson Shop, that allows people to order and buy products.

IBM is also working on an online shopping platform for cloud services.

IBM has also built an online tool called the Open Compute Platform that lets customers build custom applications for the cloud.

Microsoft and Amazon are working on a cloud service called Amazon Cloud Services, while Google is also building a cloud-as-a-service service called AWS.

The partnership will be based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where Schmidt is CEO of the company.

Schmidt’s LinkedIn page indicates he is also the CEO of Google.