How to tell if you have PTSD? Here are some tips

More than 100 Canadian veterans and their families have filed a lawsuit against a Nova Scotia-based therapy provider that claims it can help veterans recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

The suit alleges that “patients and their caregivers” have been left to suffer from a host of mental health issues after being “treated” for traumatic brain injury.

The lawsuit claims that a group of Canadian veterans was told the service provided by the firm, Global Health Service, is a “psychotherapy service for military veterans and the families of veterans.”

The suit claims the service was unable to prove it is a licensed mental health professional and was unable even to provide a list of trained professionals who can provide the services.

It alleges Global Health Services also fails to disclose that it is not licensed in the province of Nova Scotia.

The Nova Scotia Ministry of Veterans Affairs said it is investigating the claims.

The Globe And Chat, a national news outlet, has reported on similar lawsuits in recent years.

A spokesperson for Global Health said the company has no further comment on the matter.