What’s next for the longview tech empire?

Tech companies are getting a big push on the long view as tech giant Netflix, Google and others are all working on solutions for the problem of viewing on large screens.

Longview, the maker of the long-simmering streaming service Netflix, is working on an app that would allow users to see their favorite content in high-definition while simultaneously making it easier for them to watch on mobile devices.

The company also recently launched a new streaming service called Longview TV that’s set to launch this summer.

The company is also working on a feature called “Stream It” that would let people watch the latest shows on a variety of devices, and it’s also working to bring long-standing content like the popular “The Big Bang Theory” and “Lost” to streaming platforms.

Netflix’s long view is focused on its ability to make content available across a wide variety of platforms, from mobile to TV.

That’s something that Google, Amazon and other large tech companies haven’t had to worry about since they were first founded more than 20 years ago.

But they are all looking to expand their reach and bring more users to their services, so they are looking at new ways to make those content available.

Netflix has also been working on its own streaming service for years, but the company is still figuring out the right way to do it.

Google has already built a streaming service that uses a proprietary codec to help stream its own content, but it hasn’t announced a way to stream the rest of its content on a wide range of platforms.

Netflix is working to offer a service that can be accessed across a variety, from devices like smartphones to TVs to tablets.

“We’ve been working closely with Netflix on this issue,” Longview CEO Jason Long told TechCrunch in a phone interview.

“I don’t think there’s a single ‘right’ solution for what we want to do.”

Longview is working with Netflix to develop a new content streaming service to offer to users who don’t want to use a traditional media center, Long said.

“We have some really great technologies for that, but there’s also this really long view and a long-term vision.

And we really want to make sure that we can make that happen.”

Long has been working with Google for several years now on the issue of how to make streaming content available to users of all devices, Long told us.

“So we’ve been doing a lot of collaboration with Google to try to bring our own technology to the table,” he said.

The result is an app called Longstream TV that Long said he’s hoping will be ready for launch sometime in 2018.

“The app has been developed by us with the goal of being as close to a traditional streaming service as possible,” Long said of the app.

“It’s going to be similar to Netflix in the way it looks and feels, the way its designed and the way the way that you can consume content on it.”

The Longview app would be the first of its kind that would offer the same experience as Netflix, Long added.

“What I’ve learned about Netflix over the years is that it is a very, very, long-tail streaming service.

It doesn’t have a single platform,” he explained.

“There’s an enormous amount of different platforms and different types of media that are being offered.”

Long’s company has been developing its own tech for years that could potentially be used in an app like the one it is developing.

“Longview was one of the first to do the [Google] Hangouts, which is the same technology that Netflix uses,” Long explained.

Long also has worked with Google on Google’s Chromecast technology, which he said “really is a natural fit for us” to work with.

Long is also in talks with Netflix’s content partners to build an app specifically for Longview’s streaming service, he said, noting that Netflix has already partnered with several big media companies, including HBO and Univision.

“If we can build an application that works across all of them, then it’s really an easy solution for Long View,” Long added, referring to Netflix’s streaming platform.

Long said that he hopes that Longview and other streaming services will also offer the ability to stream on their own platforms as well.

“In a way, the technology is pretty similar to what Netflix has been doing, but our own content will have to be optimized for that platform,” Long continued.

“And then we will also need to make that work for all of those other platforms as we do this.”

Long also said that Netflix and Longview have been working together on a long term strategy that would involve Longview working on long-time streaming content.

“One of the things we’re trying to figure out is how do we make our content available for a long time, and then make that available to a broader audience,” Long told me.

“That is a really long-range goal for us.”

Long said Longview is also looking to partner with some