‘I want to be a hacker’: Tech founder on leaving work for work as his wife has breast cancer

Hacking and security are becoming increasingly important areas for the tech industry, with some leading to a lot of overlap.

Tech companies are increasingly looking to hire cybersecurity professionals as well, with an increasing number of companies looking to recruit hackers.

One such company is Alliant Solutions Partners, which has a partnership with the CIA to provide security consulting and training to US government agencies and corporations.

The firm says that the partnership will focus on helping organizations and individuals learn about cybersecurity.

The company has teamed up with the US State Department, which plans to use Alliant’s cybersecurity consulting to help build its cyber intelligence capabilities and increase the agency’s cybersecurity capacity.

Alliant said in a statement that the US government has been a big advocate for its cyber capabilities and has invested heavily in its cybersecurity capabilities in recent years.

“We have been very pleased to work with the State Department on cybersecurity initiatives in recent months and are excited to continue our partnership with them,” Alliant CEO Paul Smeed said in the statement.

“Through our cybersecurity consulting and education, we can help ensure our government partners can build upon their existing cybersecurity capabilities to enhance their ability to effectively defend and protect America from cyber threats.”

The company said that it has hired around 50 people to help it build its cybersecurity team, which it says will include about 100 people from the US military, government agencies, tech companies, and more.

In total, the company says it has a cybersecurity team of about 150 people and is working with more than 10,000 people.

Alliant has been working closely with the Department of Homeland Security to help with the vetting process for its cybersecurity training, the statement said.

“As part of our partnership, we will provide DHS with the tools necessary to facilitate the vetting of cybersecurity training materials to ensure compliance with the requirements of DHS’ Cybersecurity Training Guide,” the statement read.

“In the next few months, DHS will be providing the training materials and training tools that Alliant is offering, as well as providing DHS with additional guidance to assist with its vetting process.”

Alliant also has an agreement with the FBI to provide cyber security training to law enforcement, the FBI said in its statement.

Alliance’s cybersecurity training has been delivered through the CIA’s Cyber National Intelligence Center, a network of about 100 government agencies across the US.

According to the statement, the CIA and Alliant are partnering to ensure the best cybersecurity training for government agencies.