The Case Against Vigilant Solutions

The case against Vigilant is made in the words of one of the most prominent Vigilant representatives.

It is made against Vigilants own business and it is made by a company that is known to be under the radar of regulators.

In an interview with The American Conservatives, Michael Lomax of Vigilant Systems stated that, “We know that we are doing nothing wrong, we are being sued by a number of entities who are demanding money from us.”

He continued, “But we have an obligation to defend ourselves.”

This comes as Vigilant, a company known for being aggressive in court filings, is under fire for being slow to respond to consumer complaints, and has been in the news for the wrong reasons. 

According to a January 21 press release from the National Consumer Law Center, Vigilant was initially given the green light to pursue a $10 million claim against Consumers Union and the Federal Trade Commission for allegedly selling false advertising and misleading the public about the reliability of its “vigilante” software.

This claim was dismissed after the FTC intervened and ordered the company to pay the $10,000 settlement. 

In response to this news, Vigilants attorney, Michael Levin, wrote a letter to the FTC and the Consumer Federation of America asking them to reconsider their dismissal of the $5,000 claim, stating that “Vigilant is not deceptive and does not mislead the public.”

The FTC has not yet responded to The American’s request for comment. 

As a result of the lawsuit, Vigilantes marketing department, Vigilance Solutions, has filed for bankruptcy protection. 

At the heart of this lawsuit is the fact that Vigilant has not provided any meaningful answers to the complaints the consumer agency filed.

According to the, “Virtant’s marketing department failed to inform consumers about its product and its software, failed to disclose any relevant technical information, and failed to conduct its own independent investigation of its software claims.” According to the , “In May 2017, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) asked the company’s lawyers to disclose the extent to which its advertising claims are false and misleading and whether the company is in violation of federal consumer law.”

In response, Vigilante told the FTC that it had no information on consumer complaints and that “we have never received complaints about this product.” 

The FTC did not respond to for comment.