Microsoft mono solutions partners program gets a big update

By Polygon Staff | March 02, 2019 04:03:20Microsoft is launching its mono solutions partner program, and it will allow companies to work with Microsoft to build products that work on Microsoft platforms.

The Mono Solution Partner Program, announced today by Microsoft, allows Microsoft partners to create software that is built specifically for Microsoft platforms and can be used on Microsoft-powered devices, like Xboxes, Windows PCs and Xbox One consoles.

The program will allow Microsoft to bring its Mono solutions expertise to developers, publishers and other partners.

The new program was designed to give developers a better understanding of how to build and ship their own Microsoft-based products, and also to provide developers with the tools to build their own games on Microsoft’s platform.

The program is available to anyone in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and Spain.

Microsoft says the program is the first of its kind in the world.

“Microsoft is very proud of our partnership with Microsoft on Mono Solutions and has a long history of supporting and building the best solutions for developers, from the ground up,” said Chris McKeon, Vice President, Mono Solutions.

“Mono Solutions has been a tremendous resource for our partners and we are excited to bring this program to them in a more streamlined and easier way.

We look forward to working with partners to make our platforms and our experiences even better.”

The Mono Solutions Partner Program is available now, with the beta coming later this year.

Microsoft announced in October that it was adding more than 2,000 Mono Solutions partners around the world, which are the top-tier partners on Microsoft Azure, the company’s cloud-based cloud hosting platform.

Microsoft has also built a number of partnerships with third-party developers that offer cross-platform games for Windows and other platforms, and has announced that it will add more third-parties to the program.

Microsoft has also been working with developers on a new cross-device, cross-language cross-development platform called Microsoft Visual Studio.

Microsoft is also adding support for third-level languages, such as C#, JavaScript, and Go, to Mono Solutions for developers and publishers.

Microsoft also announced today that it has been working to support the creation of Microsoft Mono platforms.

The company has also created an additional developer community group,, to provide information and help with creating Mono solutions.

The Mono.ios community has been created as a place for developers to share ideas, and to collaborate with each other and the Microsoft Mono ecosystem.

The community was created in March and has already grown to more than 25,000 developers, with a focus on creating cross-browser games and services.