Cryptocurrency merchant e-commerce solutions partners role

Bitcoin merchant e to be acquired by Paypal source CoinDesk article Bitcoin is growing, but what about payment solutions?

This week, PayPal announced it’s acquired the payment processor bitcoin merchant ecommerce solution providers.

PayPal CEO Brian Cook said in a blog post that the acquisition is the largest in its history and will create the largest merchant e commerce solution provider for the digital currency.

“We’ve been working with bitcoin merchants for many years, and have seen tremendous growth,” Cook said.

“PayPal is a leader in digital currency and payments.

Our partnership with bitcoin merchant solutions providers will help us further extend our business model to address the ever-increasing demand for digital currency in the payments space.”

PayPal has been investing heavily in its merchant e services offering, including its ePay service.

The company also offers merchant ewallets and merchant payment gateway services, among others.

Paypal said it will continue to invest in its digital currency business, and it plans to expand its merchant solutions offerings to more countries in the coming months.

“In the next few years, PayPal plans to add more merchants to its merchant payments network and continue to build the payment platform and platform solutions we have now in place,” Cook wrote.