What Rockwell’s solution developers need to do to beat Amazon to market

Rockwell solutions developers are going to need to deliver their solutions to Amazon’s customers in a timely manner if they want to beat the tech giant to market, a senior technology executive said.

Rockwell, which is currently building a series of cloud computing solutions for healthcare, is working with the software giant to build a cloud-based healthcare management platform for the first time.

The company recently signed a deal with Amazon for a partnership in which it will create software for the company’s cloud services.

The move will likely boost the value of Rockwell to Amazon by bringing it into the cloud business, the source said.

The Rockwell deal was the latest in a series in which Rockwell is working closely with Amazon to create cloud-services that are used by the tech company’s products, according to the source.

The software giant has a long history of building cloud services that work with the healthcare industry, including the Rockwell Health cloud-management platform and the Cloud Health management platform.

The company has been working closely to build products that work well for healthcare and other customers.

It is working on new products that could benefit Amazon, the company said in a statement.

The source did not disclose any additional terms of the Rockiness deal.