Staff Augmentation

Resource allocation for special projects, extended vacations or higher skill requirements for your organization’s demands. Our staff augmentation provides you with the agility to balance various workload demands with technical subject matter experts, strategic direction, and peace of mind knowing your requirements are addressed effortlessly and efficiently.

Now it’s the best time to consider outsourcing your IT services and operations to our team to leverage our 10 years of information technology proficiency and advanced capabilities. From Network monitoring to business application development, ASP is the right IT consulting firm to ensure that your technology powers your business effectively, today and tomorrow.

Staff Augmentation Vs.In-House Staff
While a number of factors worked together to foster the growth of In-House, one was certainly the significant advantages to implement a staff augmentation model. The advantages of the staff augmentation model are:

  • Operational budget and staffing metrics
  • IT cost/spending and budget ratios
  • Outsourcing benchmarks and ratios
  • Staff organization and experience levels
  • Costs decrease proportionally to growth in the business 
  • Highly technical resource
  • Highly technical skill-set





Meeting your Business challenges

How can you lower the cost of hard-to-find IT skills and take advantage of globally competitive rates?

Is your goal to be able to access IT skills when and where needed on a changing and flexible basis?

How do you access leading IT skills without an investment in training?

Our Staff Augmentation services provide highly skilled personnel to work under your direction to help you assess, implement, maintain, manage and support your applications. Our skilled professionals can help you manage the skills gaps and changing staffing needs to meet your business requirements. Teaming with our resources to work with you on-site or remote are certified in key technologies from Microsoft, VMware and Cisco products lines.

Staff augmentation technology offerings:

  • Support for day, week and/or monthly requirements
  • Enterprise Level applications
  • Project Management 
  • Infrastructure Build out
  • Backend Support 
  • Security Analysis
  • Hardware/Software 
  • Server Implementation - Management
  • Major Operating System Support
  • Web technologies
  • Network Monitoring Tools and Services

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