About Apex Solution Partners 

Apex Solution Partners is an experienced and certified team of professionals with proven expertise in all aspects of design, installation, configuration, maintenance, troubleshooting, and technically competent to recommend the right business solution.

What sets us apart?

Apex Solution Partners Managed Business Technology Services encompass proactive not reactive services. Unlike others that establish just a business-to-business relationship, we build a partnership based on value. The value we provide is to assist in growing the bottom-line of our partners. 

Is Apex Solution Partners more than a break/fix solution provider?

At Apex Solutions Partners, we look beyond just IT managed services; we see your business, ensuring not only your entire network infrastructure is fully operational at all times, but also your business technology is fully operational as the business demands in order to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success in a global market place.

Our clients, both service companies and manufacturers vary in size and industry, but share one common goal: to gain a sustainable competitive advantage. We work with departments, business units, divisions or an entire enterprise to help our customers improve their performance and results ... measurably and provably.









Today's customers are looking for great value, unique solutions and competent employees to provide a turn-key technical operation. As an organization that relies on vendors (non-technical services) we know what demands are needed to keep a business running. Below are our commitment to you

  • Be a true partner

  • One point of contact

  • Work for our clients seamless throughout the sales process and long afterward

  • Facilitate the relationship

  • Never drop the ball

To learn more about all our services, please contact us at 
650-265-1093 or

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