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DECISION TIME: In-House IT vs. Outsourcing
As technology becomes more reliable to maintain, companies are reevaluating their current IT support budgets, roles and staffing. It has been a trend for many years to have an in-house technical staff for rapid response when needed, but now with low cost redundancy servers and advancements in hardware and software, network downtime are finally becoming a thing of the past. Today companies are looking to consolidate organizational roles and can realistically seek other solutions such as outsourcing their IT requirements without worrying about being inconvenienced. So are there any compromises when your IT is being outsourced? Far from it! The right outsourcing firm looks beyond just IT managed services; they see your business, ensuring not only your entire network infrastructure is fully operational at all times, but also your business technology is fully operational as the business demands in order to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success in a global market.
 Cost Savings

Now more than ever, companies are under intense pressure to reduce costs while increasing efficiencies. Whether it’s reducing overall IT budgets or determining automated ways to deploy, track, and manage, the need for a better managed IT infrastructure is present and growing. Below are three steps you can take today to lower your costs.

• Standardize hardware: By standardizing hardware and software, organizations can ultimately advance toward a more flexible, agile, and optimized infrastructure. Ad hoc purchases often driven by prices or by departmental end user preferences can prove much more costly to an organization.

• Standardize software image and management: The next step is to standardize the software image into a cost effective solution. Not surprisingly, a survey by the Gartner Group estimates that image management accounts for 20-25 percent of operating system deployment costs, and can cost organizations on average $275-$500 per computer annually.

• Manage network, directory, and group policy management: To keep IT labor costs down and to keep end users productive, many IT departments are turning to a greater use of automation and more centralized configuration and policy setting. They are seeking the ability to remotely monitor and maintain the health of the organization's computers.

With the rapid changes in technology, outsourcing organizations are becoming the emerging solution providers utilizing their subject matter experts (SME) to enable the hardware and software technologies that can be beneficial to your firm.

Hiring and Training services

For projects or higher skill requirements that must be handled in-house, top professional IT outsourcing companies can assist in the hiring process to ensure the right candidate possessing the appropriate skills is hired. For those in-house personnel that require additional mentoring or one-on-one training, top professional outsourcing companies can provide these tasks at your location.

Economies of scale

Outsourcing firms provide you with the economies of scale, efficiency, and expertise that large organizations enjoy. Most small organizations simply cannot afford to match the in-house support services that larger firms have, limiting what and when important tasks can be done. For example, a true professional outsourcing firm will have all the subject matter resources ready to start immediately. 
Local Outsourcing Partner

When outsourcing is an alternative option, one often thinks of services provided by offshore resources. However, effective outsourcing can be done locally presenting you with the advantage of not only having a familiar face in the office, but also, knowing who you are working with.

Choosing the right partner is the key to success. Never forget to consider the following questions:

• How experienced are the employees you will be relying upon?
• How successful has the firm been in handling emergencies, ongoing support and projects in the past?
• Who are they currently working with and for how long?
• How discreet will the company be able to carry on your work and what are their security policies?

If you're looking for ways to improve your network infrastructure, reduce IT cost and enable numerous subject matter experts, then outsourcing might be the best option for you. IT Consulting firms offer highly skilled, quality trained and professional personnel to service your IT staffing requirements, while saving you both time and money.

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