Online Backup & Recovery

Most small and medium businesses know that backing up their data is an essential business investment. But they also have to focus on keeping their expenses to a minimum. Online backup can save you thousands on capital and human resources expenses. But there are a lot of different options out there. How do you know which one is the right one for your business?  


You might have heard about the online backup companies Mozy and Carbonite. The main difference between those companies and ours is that with them, you’re buying a product that you’ll have to manage yourself.  

With our backup solution you not only aquiring the product, but you’re getting a service as well. Our professional team will set up your company’s online backup solution  to make sure that your data is protected at all times.

In the event of a disaster—say your hard drive crashes—you’d have to restore all that data by yourself if you’ve been backing up with either Mozy or Carbonite. It could take you days (in some cases weeks or months) for you to get all your data back. Your business can’t wait that long.

With our solution, you’ll have your restored data within a matter of hours. What’s more, we’ll do it for you, so you won’t have to figure out how to run the restoration yourself. Our engineers have direct access to your system, so most times they don’t even have to come to your location.  

If your organization has strict data recovery goals, we can provide the option of adding a local backup copy at your site. Having local backup allows your organization to have nearly instantaneous data recovery while having the safety net of offsite backup.

And if you accidentally delete a file, forget it if you’re using Mozy or Carbonite—you won’t ever see that file again. But with our solution, we keep copies of all your deleted files, just in case you need it later. Also, with our solution, you can recover every saved version of each document. Mozy and Carbonite set limits on the number of revisions they store. 

The choice is yours—cheap online backup that’s clunky to use and may leave your business vulnerable, or our secure, managed backup that will have your data right when you need it.

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