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Greater IT Return on Investment Through Focused Guidance

Are you finding your network environment getting more complex? Are you spending valuable time and precious resources within your own team to try and diagnose problems, and collect logs and traces, when they could be focused on business critical projects, application recovery and responding to your internal clients? Let us help you increase your network problem resolution capacity, without the cost of hiring and training additional staff. With our onsite support services, we offer technical support to help you manage your IT environment.


When you partner with Apex Solution Partners for your support services, you can count on our  deep understanding of your business challenges. Our experienced team will look beyond just managed services ensuring your network infrastructure is fully operational at all times. With a comprehensive best practice and a detailed business plan, Apex is determined to meet your IT challenges, deliver real business results and reduce your IT infrastructure costs. Whether your business operational requirement calls for remote or onsite services, we offer experienced consultants and flexible service level options designed to meet your specific business needs.


Proactive infrastructure support prevents unforeseeable downtime that impacts your business by anticipating issues, instead of just reacting to them.



 Increase Employee Productivity Through Task Realignment

As your infrastructure grows to address the needs of your organization, its maintenance and support requirements consequently multiply. This may overwhelm your team with routine IT operational tasks to the point the company priorities takes a backseat.

Return productivity to a whole new level by liberating your team from tedious IT tasks. Through automation, market-leading tools and the support of our team, we will off-load IT maintenance duties to our professional team.



Start being more productive today, with our Managed Services. The first step is requesting an on-site assessment of your environment which includes: onsite physical inspection, security, vulnerability and patch scans, network and systems performance analysis, and asset inventory.  

Our focus is on total flexibility, so you can choose any combination of solutions you need. 

Our onsite strategies include:

  • Service Desk Solutions—Provide a central hub for managing and supporting all aspects of your end-user environment 
  • Desktop Solutions - Provide your organnization with a standardized, well-managed desktop environment 
  • Mobility and Wireless Solutions - Enable people to communicate, access and share information, and manage their time wherever they are working 
  • Imaging and Printing Solutions - Streamline your operation by taking advantage of the latest printing and imaging technologies, software tools and services 
  • Messaging and Collaboration Solutions - Improve communication and collaboration and increase the agility of your organization

Measuring current value. Send us your current cost today. and we'll give you a cost saving alternative within 24 hours.

Why Apex for small and medium business


We offer comprehensive technical support services designed to increase system availability and simplify management through integrated support for your multiproduct, multivendor hardware and software environment. We provide a single point of accountability, so you can spend your time managing the business rather than coordinating IT support services

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