Network Assessment

Knowing where to begin

Every business should periodically review and evaluate its Information Technology department operations. Our team can provide you with a professional review of your operations that will serve you as a solid foundation for making modifications to improve efficiency and effectiveness, as well as security and protection of your valuable information resources.

Our comprehensive review will include the following items:

  1. Network infrastructure assessment—examines the components deployed in your network and how they support your business plans
  2. Network performance analysis and capacity planning—examines the impact of applications and traffic on the network
  3. Network diagnostic assessment—helps identify and address the root causes of network performance issues and helps optimize network performance.

Summary of Service
Our network assessment provides your company with an operational, tactical, and strategic review of what’s current within your network environment. Incorporating various open source and proprietary tools, delivering practical and instructive results that our technical team or your staff can act on immediately. Using a security – vulnerability formula, we identify all critical network liabilities and statistics; map your network topology and provide you with a comprehensive report.

An assessment provides a baseline for trends, contingency decisions, future forecasting and planning modifications or new technologies. It helps avoid surprises and helps provide early warning signs to hidden issues on the horizon. Most importantly, it provides you with a roadmap and a foundation from which to work. In addition, you can use the assessment report to develop a contingency plan for network weaknesses and vulnerabilities. The analysis is also helpful to plan and implement short-term preventive maintenance as well as long-term strategic action.

Foundation for an Assessment

  • Organizational changes - relocation, migration or technology additions

  • Network expansion or modification
  • Performance and reliability problems with applications
  • Bandwidth capacity planning for both applications and network
  • Desire to decrease overall network infrastructure
  • Need for independent validation of current infrastructure or future plans





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