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To adapt to rapidly changing business needs, IT managers need to create a network infrastructure that is agile, flexible, and always available. When network issues arise, the challenge is to isolate the issues, respond quickly to find a solution and keep all systems running in real-time.  No matter what the size or type of industry, every business needs IT support services that have both network and broader IT environment expertise.

Many companies face the prospect of managers and executives taking on several company roles at one time. Most likely one of the assigned secondary and most time consuming functions is IT Management. Filling the role of IT Manager is a vital and full time job that is a determining factor in business success. Apex Solution Partners resolves this dilemma with its IT Management Service. Since IT Management revolves around the technology strategy and the continuing maximizing of productivity for a business; ASP formulates, delivers and executes plans for success today and in the future.

We Help You Manage:

  • Vendor Contracts for your Internet, Hardware and Software
  • Business and Technology Assets
  • License Compliance needs
  • Data Compliance needs
  • Conduct Quarterly Strategic Planning Meetings with Management Team to Identify IT Strategic Initiatives for the Upcoming Year
  • Provide Escalation Services and Emergency Response Coordination
  • IT Budget and Forecasting
  • Technology Strategies as it Relates to your Business
  • Prepare and Perform Staff Reviews

By Leveraging Our Experienced IT Managers, you Recover your Most Precious Resource: Time.


Strong IT leadership and a relationship of trust between business and IT management are prerequisites to successfully exploit technology. Gartner research into IT management best practices helps companies succeed through effective governance, strategic planning, financial management and risk analysis

With increasing business dependence on high quality and reliability of IT services, you need an IT management strategy to clarify how IT will support new or changed business requirements. Our IT Management service strategy and planning uses a collaborative, modular technique that leverages industry standards and best practices to quickly establish business priorities for IT.

  • IT Strategy -  We collaborate with you to plan your IT service portfolio and initiatives that will be required for you to achieve your service objectives
  • Service Management - We collaborate with you to generate a strategic roadmap of initiatives describing how you will move from systems management to service management
  • Service management readiness - We define actionable recommendations for improvement of process activities, organization, information, architecture and management controls needed to manage the services

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