Disaster Recovery

Are You Gambling With Your Disaster Recovery Plan?

Does your plan support the organization’s strategy, processes, applications, data and infrastructure? Less than half of all small to mid-market companies have a disaster recovery or business continuity plan in place, and even those who have a plan admit they never test it.


The smallest interruption can bring down a business' network and systems if a company is not prepared. The best disaster recovery plans are based on a multi-strategic framework of priorities. A good plan looks at extended variables including outside vendors and key partners. Disaster recovery is not just about recovering from a disaster; it’s about maintaining continuous daily operations and keeping your systems and applications available. Today’s  small and mid-market organizations must adopt proven strategies to keep their critical business processes operational and reduce the risks associated with downtime, lost of revenue and regulatory infractions.

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Why business intelligence is a sound investment for any IT decision-maker to make, especially during the current economic situation. With IT budgets becoming tighter you need solutions that can deliver the insight you need to understand your data, and use it to make better decisions. At the same time, you need functionality that can streamline your business processes and help you manage your infrastructure.

Our consultants can provide the guidance you need to run your IT systems more efficiently across your entire landscape. With our help, you can accomplish four goals:

  • Optimize IT for strategic business initiatives
  • Design an turn-key architecture to enable greater flexibility
  • Consolidate divered solutions to simplify the IT landscape
  • Manage applications effectively

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