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To build sustainable competitive advantage, leading companies are now using an outsourcing collaboration to drive new revenue, lower total cost of ownership, and increase innovation.  Our desktop support service provides specialized services from skilled professionals that not only understand technology; they make it a point to understand your business.  

Our desktop support methodology starts with assigning an IT Manager and a certified team to work with you to develop a comprehensive, detailed and workable support plan. In addition, your ASP IT manager becomes an active participant providing leadership and guidance throughout the process. Our leadership methodology eliminates the risk of all failures by supplementing your IT organization with resources and expertise that map out, design and manage your network infrastructure.


Every business depends on having a productive workforce. According to the McKinsey Quarterly, up to 84% of today’s workforces rely on technology to make valuable contributions to their organizations. But providing the tools and technology needed to keep these workers productive is more challenging today more than ever. End-users are often dispersed geographically and highly mobile. They may use different tools in the office and when traveling. And they need access to critical messaging and printing services regardless of location. Supporting these dispersed and mobile workers are another big challenge especially when many users have different devices and various software versions. These are issues that affect not just employees, but also suppliers, partners, and even customers.  


Delivering outstanding end-user efficiency 

Getting the most out of your end-user environment requires
looking beyond products and technology. When looking at
workplace solutions to benefit your end users, consider the following:                                                                    

The greatest value comes when all aspects of the end-user environment people, process, and technology are productive

  • It’s not just the end-user devices that are important; it’s the entire infrastructure that ties them all together 
  • It’s not about managing a complex, environment; it’s about simplifying your end-user environment so everything works together seamlessly 
  • It’s not just about building an IT infrastructure; it’s about synchronizing business and IT goals   




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