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From the desks of our CEO, CTO and senior consultants, the Apex Insiders share the latest trends, strategies and technologies that help businesses benefit from IT Outsourcing. Decades of experience with business technology spanning several verticals lead to expert advice and forecasting for all of our clients. Interested in learning more? Sign up for our bulletins here.

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CIO Decision Time: Comparing in-house IT staff with Outsourced options.
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Is My Business Ready for Virtualization?
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Managed Services FAQ
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The Apex Technology Strategy: How we use the latest technologies to keep our business lean and mean while passing the savings on to our clients. Visit  The Lab.


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From the CEO Desk
DECISION TIME: In-House IT vs. Outsourcing
As technology becomes more reliable to maintain, companies are reevaluating their current IT support budgets, roles and staffing. It has been a trend for many years to have an in-house technical staff for rapid response when needed, but now with low cost redundancy servers and advancements in hardware and software, network downtime are finally becoming a thing of the past. Today companies are looking to consolidate organizational roles and can realistically seek other solutions such as outsourcing their IT requirements without worrying about being inconvenienced. So are there any compromises when your IT is being outsourced? Far from it! The right outsourcing firm looks beyond just IT managed services; they see your business, ensuring not only your entire network infrastructure is fully operational at all times, but also your business technology is fully operational as the business demands in order to stay ahead of the competition and achieve success in a global market.   FULL ARTICLE

From the CTO Desk
Is My Business Ready For Virtulalization?
Today SMBs have more options than ever to meet required goals. They want the ability to expand their network while consolidating their old hardware and save money. They want their mission critical applications and data in a safe, fast environment that can withstand hardware failures. At the top of the list is saving money. The name of the game now is more for less and in the starting lineup is virtualization. It's gametime ready for Small and Medium businesses.   FULL ARTICLE

Managed Services FAQ
What are Managed Services and how can they benefit my business? The MSP (Managed Services Provider) market is flourishing as we harness the latest technologies and techniques to guide businesses to success. Take advantage of one of the most reliable ways to improve and expand your IT department while reducing the budget.   FULL ARTICLE 

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