Advanced File Management


Finding relevant and cost-effective technology solutions for your business just got easier. With a comprehensive portfolio of servers, storage and services, we can help your business become more efficient and save money.

Our advanced file management best practices provides industry standard features ranging from point-in-time snapshots, real-time replication, file-level data retention, and tiered level storage access. 

Principal Features:

  • Disaster recovery:  Our system is configured to replicate a duplicate copy of your production data to a remote site where it can be brought online with little downtime in case of a disaster
  • Content distribution: One-to-many replication can push content to remote sites. This methodology is used when new engineering or software builds need to be distributed to multiple locations
  • Backup: Configuring the backup schema with a copy of the production data helps avoid the need to take the production applications offline. The backup can occur locally or at the remote location
  • Software testing: Prior to upgrading any software on production systems, our engineers create a duplicate copy of the data and test the upgrade. Writable checkpoints allow our engineers to test software with a modifiable copy of the production data


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Internet Security Management

Network Security Service:

Our scurity provides a full range of Internet server and network security services, including security assessments, vulnerability and penetration testing, patching and securing individual systems, overall network security planning, incident response, and disaster recovery.

We have extensive experience with installation and configuration of numerous security strategies and can provide annual security support contracts which insure that all your organization's security issues are being continuously addressed.

We provide you with assistance in adopting local and Internet-wide system security hardening methodologies. We review your existing infrastructure for known security weaknesses, and apply corrective measures.

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