Account Management

Other IT services companies all follow and use the same model for account management. Their model is to assign a single individual that makes all the decisions for your IT services in a vacuum without pre-planning or team collaboration. The problem is there is no upfront solution collaboration and the account manager may not have the right background, skill-set or experience for your business. Our competitors use a “cookie cutter” model which is to use the exact same approach for all businesses. 


We use a different approach to account management. We understand each business requires a business solution and account manager that is optimized for your business. Our methodology starts with providing a collaborative team business technology management approach. A team develops reviews and defines the solution deployment that is driven by your business requirements.


Our approach ensures our customer gets the collective strength, experience and knowledge of our company.


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 Our Account Management Strategy has three key Components:

Implement Partnership 

  • Our Strategy focuses on every facet of your organization by assigning a dedicated account manager to serve as your customer's advocate.  In this role, they become thoroughly knowledgeable your business objectives, organization and services

Analysis, Conclusions and Recommendations

  • We analyze both quantitative and qualitative measurements to determine the quality of customer services provided.  As a result, we identify competitive advantages and deficiencies and then prioritize and target opportunities that lead to enhance customer retention.

Quarterly Report

  • We develop strategic quarterly review that highlight services provided, customer satisfaction, as well as identification of key open issues with a corrective action plan.
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